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Revolutionizing the dog leash!

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How Hot is Hot?

Is your walk safe?

Sometimes we don't think about how hot the asphalt outside can get.  Even though the air may be cool, the sun reflects off of the pavement making it much hotter than we think.  With the Laser Paws Leash Handle, you can safely monitor the asphault temperature to make sure it is safe for your dog.


The Crowley Family

Get to Know Us

Laser Paws was started by Michael and Dani Crowley with the help of their Niece and Nephew, Mike and Lori Crowley.  The Crowley family found that it was difficult to determine a safe walking temperature for their dogs, especially during the Summer months and came up with a solution. The Laser Paws leash handle takes care of that plus much more!  


Eugene, Oregon




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